Dog -Boarding/Daycare

With our spacious runs and huge play yards, you won't have to feel guilty about leaving your pet behind while you are on vacation, because they will be on vacation too!

inside facility

We provide dishes, blankets, dog houses and the fun. You provide the dog, the food and the proof of vaccinations. The vaccines required are: DHPP, Rabies and Bordatella. Just let your vet know that you are going to board your dog and they will know what you need. If you wish to bring a toy or something familiar from home that is fine. The following is the daily routine for overnighters:

  • 7:30AM -Your dog will play, play, play until 11:00AM
  • 11:00AM -Breakfast and then nap until 3:30PM
  • 3:30PM -Back out to play until 5:00PM
  • 5:00PM -Let in for dinner and then sweet dreams in their 8' x 12' run

The building is fully insulated and enclosed to guard against hot/cold weather and we have large fans for drying and cooling the concrete area. We do not have any heating or air conditioning.

inside facility #2

The daycare routine is the same as the boarding schedule, with play time from 7:30AM to 11:00AM and 3:30PM to 5:00PM. No need to bring food for daycare, as the dogs are usually too excited to eat. We give them biscuits whenever they go into their runs.

Cat Boarding

cat kennels

The cats are boarded in a separate building from the dogs. The cages are 4' H x 4' W x 2' D with two lounging shelves and comfortable beds. We provide litter, dishes, and beds. You provide food and proof of vaccinations. The required vaccines are: Rabies and FVRCP. When we clean the cat boarding, each cat gets a chance to roam the room individually and stretch their legs.